A Teen Bled To Death As People Were Busy Capturing Images Than Helping!


watch On Wednesday, National Highway of Koppal witnessed a horrifying and heart-breaking scene where a teenager lost his life due to an accident.

It was around noon when 18-year-old teen lay bleeding on road following a road accident. In spite of calling out desperately for help, onlookers captured the plight of the bleeding victim in their phones instead of helping him. Quickly, the footage of the boy’s dying moments was doing rounds in social media.


can you buy Prozac uk Anwar Ali, a resident of Devaraj Urs Colony, Koppal is the victim. The gory incident happened when a KSTRC bus hit him. Incidentally, he was cycling to the market (workplace). The state government bus was going to Hubballi from Hosapete.

Despite begging and surrounded by blood, no one came forward to offer help. One person offered him water that too after 25 minutes. Also, more shocking is that a hospital is just a stone throw away from the incident.

An ambulance arrived later and took him to the nearby hospital. But unfortunately, he died despite receiving several units of blood. However, doctors told that a timely medical assistance could have saved the victim.

Ali’s brother, Seroquel citrate Riaz reported to news agency as follows

No one came to his help, they were making videos and clicking pictures. If someone had cared, my brother could have been saved. More than 15 to 20 minutes were wasted there.

This is not the only incident where the victim died just because of the void of timely medical assistance. There are many such incidents in past. Keeping this in mind, Delhi government announced a reward of ₹2000 for those who help an accident victim earlier.

Really, it’s highly disappointing 😔😔😔

We are living in a society where none is going to protect you. Hence, the only way to protect yourself is by being careful. Prepare yourselves to face any situation yourselves!

Featured Video Courtesy: NDTV