Some days in our life may be over as clock ticks by, but can never be wiped from our memories. One such period of time which we remember as we sit alone shedding tears of joy are School Days. We know that we cannot get back those days, but still, we crave for those days of joys, mischiefs, disappointments and strengths to start again as we think of it.

Ah, How lovely those days were!


The first day of school is always a moment to cherish for all parents. Leaving us under the wings of the teachers and bidding bye to us with a smile would have made us weep. As minutes become hours, hours became days, days became months and months turned into years, we are here thinking to start those days from scratch.

School life
School life, Image Courtesy: Huffington Post UK

For everyone during the school time, Monday was a day that we wish to eliminate from the week completely. Those Mondays where we play all sort of tactics which we eventually fail every time so as to prove ourselves ill or the disappointment to our constant prayers by the rain God makes us laugh our hearts out as we remember now.


Few of our weak mates landing on the ground after taking a big round during those morning assemblies in summers would become the breaking news for the rest of the day. In contrast, for few strong and daring chums, the pleasure of acting ill during morning assembly and then taken to the medical room in order to miss the first hour of the day cannot be achieved elsewhere.


Unlike the present moment, school days made us contented with what we had. There were no greed or any sort big wishes. The mouth that opens to smile as parents get our favourite pencil box would be very genuine. Whereas, these days, we run at the money’s back and forget what the real happiness is.

Happy School Child
Happy School Child, Image Courtesy: Shakespeare Lives


Listening to the teachers in class, poking friends with a sharp pencil during the class, talking intentionally so that we would be the centre of attraction as teacher scolds – None of these can ever be compensated by anything again. The lunch period was the time when we would like our friends’ lunch more than our mothers’.

Happy School Children
Happy School Children, Image Courtesy: Site about Children

School as a whole is a heaven on earth. Unfortunately, once school days are over, its just over. No rewind button.

Let us know your favourite school moment in the comment section below. Let’s rollback to our memories together.