Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has been Proposed to the Guinness Book of world record. A student has approached the committee of Guinness Book of World Records to include his name. The reason is Mr. Gandhi losing a record 27 elections.

As reported by The Financial Express, Vishal Diwan, a student of an engineering college in Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad mentioned the Congress VP’s 27 election losses as the basis to include Rahul Gandhi’s name in the world records book.

Vice President of the Indian National Congress – Rahul Gandhi Vice President of the Indian National Congress – Rahul Gandhi, Image Courtesy:

dj vermox 100mg After the Congress’ monumental defeat in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections this year, some of the senior party members questioned his ability. Congress lost Assembly elections in Uttarakhand and Goa too. Hence Party members have called for structural changes in the party.

Rahul Gandhi is in the news everyday and is a Social Media Bunny. People in Social media love Rahul Gandhi Trolls. He gets trolled almost everyday. Rahul Gandhi also lacks political and social Knowledge which are qualities of a poor leader. The Grand old party of Indian Politics which is the Indian National Congress need to sort him out. Else the sinking ship will never be able to recover.

Many senior Leaders of Indian National Congress have shifted base to the Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party Recently. The reason – YES you have guessed it right its Rahul Gandhi. These senior party leaders are just not able to accept his Rahul as their Leader. With a legacy of some very fine leaders in the past, Rahul Gandhi is no where close to being an ideal

Proposed to Guinness Book for losing maximum elections
buy Prozac online canada Vice President of the Indian National Congress – Rahul Gandhi, Proposed to Guinness Book for losing maximum elections

In recent years there is a marked difference in the way INC has opposed ruling party in the Parliament. Debates have turned out to be a joke. The opposition just does not keep up to the level of the ruling party. Indian National Congress needs to think of a way to get a new leader at the top who is dynamic and deserving. Else more records which they will not want will be up for grabs.

Rahul Gandhi moreover led the party campaign during 2014 General Assembly Elections. . BJP won comfortably and swiped across the nation with 282 seats out of 543. The Congress only managed a paltry 44 seats.