NOKIA is all set to occupy its lost throne with its comeback!!!

Nokia, a Finnish multinational communications and information technology company, which once ruled mobile phone manufacturing industry, has now all set to make its comeback.



YES!!!The same old true brand Nokia is making its comeback by launching a new set of phones with trending features. Currently, the company has advertised some pretty basic models on its website. But it’s believed that it will soon add more advanced smartphones and trending tablets to the list.

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Nokia’s market dropped down after launching iPhone in 2007. By 2011, The company was in a very acute condition, which the first American chief executive of Nokia, Stephen Elop termed the industry as a ‘burning Platform’.

Microsoft acquired Nokia
Microsoft acquired Nokia, Image Courtesy: Digi Floor

Later, Microsoft acquired Nokia in the year 2014. However, the combination of Nokia and Windows resulted in a huge failure by completely collapsing Nokia’s market.


The Finnish business, one of the popular firms which had played a prominent role in telecom infrastructure licensed the Nokia brand to HMD Global with an aim of repeating its history.

Chief Executive Arto Nummela said,

It’s declining roughly 15 percent a year, but it’s still a very healthy business and it’s global.


HMD Global will not be involved in manufacturing phones. This is because of the deal they have with Foxconn. As a result, they will be based in China and Vietnam. So their focus will be only on its design and marketing. Hence, the Company’s main objective is to introduce Android phones in the upcoming year 2017 and focus purely on design and marketing sectors.

Nokia is back in the Phone sector
Nokia is back in the Phone sector, Image Courtesy: Nokia

Even though we are in a smartphone world, Nokia’s Keypad phones remain as one of the best phones the world ever had. Hope they can conquer the throne again with this comeback.

Let us wait and watch for Nokia to repeat its history back. Let us know your opinions on Nokia’s comeback in the Comment Section below.