In this internet era, one must think twice before putting their thoughts to words as people are high alert on social media. People are not only following things keenly but also quite quick in making witty comments that too especially on Twitter.

And now Twitterati is busy in writing witty comments on Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi‘s ‘raincoat in Bathroom’ statement for Manmohan Singh.

PM Modi in his speech at Rajya Sabha on Wednesday took a dig at his predecessor for staying clean despite series of scam during UPA rule. Here goes Modi’s well-packed punch for Manmohan Singh,

Even though many scams took place in the country, Singh’s image remained clean.

Further, he added

People should learn from Dr Singh how to bathe in the bathroom wearing a raincoat.

This one statement by Modi left the house in splits.

While congress member staged a walkout with protest right after hearing it, Twitterati was busy in adding witty and sarcastic captions for Modi’s ‘RAINCOAT’ comment.


Check out some of the interesting tweets: