ISHA Foundation is a non-profit organisation that offers yoga program in India and all around the world. Every year during the sacred festival – Mahashivratri, thousands of people gather here to offer prayers and experience the positive energy from within.

On this auspicious occasion, Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi offered his presence to unveil the 112 feet statue of the face of Adiyogi – The Shiva this year.

Jaggi Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru, founder of Isha foundation greeted the PM. As a mark of respect, Sadhguru presented him a Peacock blue stole with the face of Adiyogi imprinted on it.


The stole was stunning. Moreover, it resembled that sort of adornment which everyone would love to possess. Hence, all eyed for the stole in social media as well.

One Twitterati named Shilpi Tewari was no different. Like all others, she wished to own the shawl as well. Consequently, she composed and sent a tweet to PM Modi requesting for the stole.


The next day was literally a day that Lucky Shilpi would never forget for the rest of her life. The ardent follower of Modi and his diligent government received a big surprise from her icon.

Yes, PM Modi sent the stole and surprised Shilpi. Ultimately, it was a dream come true moment for her.

Interestingly, along with the stole, she also received a printout of her tweet with the PM’s signature on it.

Obviously, Shilpi reached her peaks of ecstasy seeing the surprise. In fact, it was clearly visible in her following tweets.

This act of PM Modi shows how he hears and follows our request put forth to him amidst his busy hours. After all, this is what even people expect from their leader as well.