Mira Rajput Breaks Traffic Rules – The Way She Dealt With The Cops, Surprised Everyone And Was Unexpected!

Mira Rajput breaks traffic rules, Image Courtesy: The Indian Express


Mira Rajput wife of Shahid Kapoor got into trouble with the traffic cops in Mumbai for parking her car in the ‘No parking’ zone. Mira got into trouble with traffic cops for parking her car in the ‘No Parking’ zone a few days back. But when the traffic personnel caught her and fined her, unlike other tinsel town celebs who try to argue and get away with the cops by using their star power, Mira gave in and apologized for her mistake. She even paid the fine without raising any question.

Mira Rajput Breaks the Traffic Rules

“Usually in matters like these stars/star wives argue to let go off the fine, but Mira was very polite and didn’t hesitate to pay. The car driver has also been fined for jumping the signal in the past,” a police official was quoted in the same report.

Mira Rajput is an outsider in Bollywood and all her actions prove that. Be it making red carpet appearances with husband Shahid Kapoor or clicking adorable moments with daughter Misha, there is something different about whatever Mira does. She is a ‘commoner’ in the industry and she wears this tag with pride. So, unlike other star wives, some of whom make noise for their tantrums, Mira reacted in a different way when she broke a traffic rule in Mumbai recently. She acted with responsibility and abided by the law quickly.

She was recently spotted with Shahid and Misha as the family had a lunch date together. Mira had some time back invited trouble over her comment about working mothers. While she faced flak from several corners, Shahid had come to her rescue.