Welcome Folks to the Live Match Updates of IPL Opener….!!

OPENING CEREMONY OF IPL – 10 is Just About to Begin…!! 

Opening ceremony has started with a Choir. The group is sings the famous song from movie LAGAAN. BAAR BAAR Haan…!!

Mr. Ravi Shastri has Welcomed all fans from across the globe. He is also thanking fans for their support over the last 10 years. Now a small video is being shown which comprises the winners of all 9 years of IPL.

Ravi Shastri is Now welcoming some ICONIC INDIAN PLAYERS. FAB FIVE of INDIAN Cricket are called for Felicitation. He has a conversation with all four.

Fab Four now being presented with Mementos. Mr. Rajiv Shukla and Mr. Anirudh Choudary felicitate Sachin Tendulkar.

MCC spirit of Cricket Oath which was signed by all 8 captains is now being telecast on TV.

Captain of RCB & SRH Virat Kohli and David Warner are being invited by Mr. Ravi Shastri. Warner hands over a small memento to Kohli which upholds the TRUE SPIRIT OF THE GAME.

A Stunning performance by Amy Jackson. She performs on some Hit Bollywood numbers.

Toss in a short While. RCB win the toss and Bowl 1st. Aniket Choudary and Tymal Mills debut for RCB and Rashid Khan to Debut for SRH.

Playing XI 

SRH : Warner, Dhawan, Henreques, Yuvraj, Hooda, Ojha, Cutting, Bipul, Bhuvi, Nehra, Rashid Khan,

RCB : Watson, Gayle, Mandeep Singh, Kedar, Baby, Head, Aniket Choudary, Tymal Mills, Stuart Binny, Arvind, Chahal

 Umpires walk out….!!!

1st over of IPL – 10 and RCB’s Tymal Mills has the ball. David warner and Shikhar Dhawan Open for SRH. Warner is on Strike.

1st ball no run. Confusion out in the middle between the two Batsman. Warner is off the mark with a Boundary. Back foot punch for 4. Wide dow the Leg side and a bad miss by Kedar Jadhav. 1 wide and 1 bye for SRH. Dhawan on Strike. Struck on the pads but going down. Single to Dhawan. Leg Bye.

End of 1st Over SRH are 7/0 Warner – 4* Dhawan – 0*

Aniketh Choudary to start from the other end. Single to Dhawan he is off the mark. Warner has smashed him for a Boundary. He has bowled a NO-BALL. free hit for SRH and warner on Strike he has smashed that for a SIX…!! First SIX of IPL 10. Bad bowling that. Warner is OUT…!! What a comeback…!! Warner is out Caught By Mandeep Singh.

David Warner CT Mandeep Bowled Aniket for 14

Henreques is the new man in. he is off th emark with a boundary. Expensive over but a Successful one.

End of 2nd Over SRH are 23/1 Henreques – 4* Dhawan – 1*

Mills to Continue. Single to Dhawan. Flick on the leg side by Henreques and he gets 3 there. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques.

End of 3rd Over SRH are 29/1 Henreques – 8* Dhawan – 3*

Chahal is into the attack. Single to Henreques. Single to Dhawan. Good over so Far. Just 2 runs from the 1st 4 balls. Single to Henreques. RCB have missed a Run-out Chance here. Single to Dhawan.

End of 4th Over SRH are 33/1 Henreques – 10* Dhawan – 5*

Aravind into the attack. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Dhawan dances down the track he gets a single. 2 runs ro Henreques. Superb Boundary there. Henreques gets 4.

End of 5th Over SRH are 42/1 Henreques – 17* Dhawan – 7*

Watson. Last over of Powerplay. Bad ball by Watson and Dhawan picks him for  Boundary. Superb Straight drive by Dhawan. It was a superb Shot. He gets another Boundary. good comeback by Watson he bowls a yorker. Another Boundary for Dhawan. Bad ball by Watson. Another Boundary for Dhawan this is worst bowling. 16 runs so far from the over. Single to end the over.

Great start by SRH.

GOOD NEWS FOR ALL Harsha Bhogle Fans he is back doing what he does best commentary.

End of 6th Over SRH are 59/1 Henreques – 17* Dhawan – 24*

Chahal is back. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Over throw. Sloppy cricket from RCB. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Single to Dhawan.

End of 7th Over SRH are 64/1 Henreques – 19* Dhawan – 27*

Travis head into the attack. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Single to Dhawan. Massive 6 for Henreques. Single to Henreques. Single to Dhawan.

End of 8th Over SRH are 75/1 Henreques – 27* Dhawan – 30*

Chahal to continue. He gets a couple. Just above the head of the cover fielder. Good bowling by Chahal. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Single to Dhawan. 2 runs to Henreques. 2 runs to Henreques. Bad fielding.

Its time for Strategic timeout…!! RCB need to regroup soon. This match so far has been all about SRH.

End of 9th Over SRH are 84/1 Henreques – 32* Dhawan – 34*

Aniket Choudary is back. Good Ball by him beats Shikhar Dhawan. Single to Dhawan. Single to Henreques. Ball is high in the air and RCB miss another chance. Realy poor fielding by RCB. Great Ball. Dhawan gets a Single he is lucky to Survive. Single to Henreques. Good come back over by Aniket.

End of 10th Over SRH are 88/1 Henreques – 34* Dhawan – 36*

Binny is into the Attack. Single to Henreques. Superb Shot by Dhawan. Premeditated sweep shot by Dhawan for Boundary. Dhawan is OUT. Binny gets the break Through.  

Shikhar Dhawan Ct Baby Bowled Binny for 40 of 31 Balls.

Yuvraj Singh is the new man in. Henreques Gets a Single.  Yuvraj is off the mark with a couple. Deft touch by Yuvraj another miss field By RCB. Yuvraj gets a Couple.

End of 11th Over SRH are 98/2 Henreques – 36* Yuvraj – 4*

Arvind is back into the attack. Single to Henreques. Late cut by Yuvraj for a single. Single to Henreques. Over the Mid wicket and Yuvraj gets a Boundary. Superb Shot. Single to Yuvraj. S

End of 12th Over SRH are 106/2 Henreques – 38* Yuvraj – 10*

Aniket Choudary is back into the attack. Inside edge and Four for Yuvraj. He is Lucky to Survive. First 6 of IPL 10 for Yuvraj. Great Shot. He looks in Sublime form. Pull shot for Boundary. This is great batting by Yuvraj. Bad Bowling this. Wide by Aniket. This is very poor Bowling. 2 runs to Yuvraj. Arvind has dropped Yuvraj Singh. How costly will this be??? Yuvraj has zoomed to 27 runs of 12 balls

End of 13th Over SRH are 124/2 Henreques – 38* Yuvraj – 27*

Watson into the attack. He is welcomed with a Boundary. Great shot by YUVI. Outside edge and Single to Yuvraj. Single to Henreques. Single to Yuvraj. Single to Henreques.

End of 14th Over SRH are 132/2 Henreques – 40* Yuvraj – 33*

Aravind into the attack. He is welcomed with a Boundary. Good shot By Henreques. Single to Henreques. Massive 6 by Yuvraj. Single to Yuvraj. Massive 6 by Henreques. First 50 of IPL 10. Henreques gets to a 50. Single to Henreques.

End of 15th Over SRH are 151/2 Henreques – 52* Yuvraj – 40*

Chahal is back. He starts with a DOT ball. Chahal gets RCB another Wicket. Henreques is OUT. Another good catch by Sachin Baby.

Strategic time out has been taken.

Moises Henreques Ct baby Bowled Chahal 52 of 37 Balls

Chahal to continue to complete the over. Another chance goes begging for RCB. Yuvraj is very Lucky to Survive. Deepak Hooda is the next man in. He is off the Mark Straight away. Another chance goes begging. What an attempt by Mandeep Singh. 1 runs to Yuvraj. Single to Hooda. End of a great Spell By Chahal.

End of 16th Over SRH are 155/3 Hooda- 2* Yuvraj – 42*

Tymal Mills is back into the attack. Single to Hooda. Great ball by Mills. Yuvi is Beaten. Superb Shot By Yuvraj. He gets a Boundary. Single to Yuvarj. Good bowling by Mills. Great slower delivery. Single to Hooda.

End of 17th Over SRH are 162/3 Hooda- 4* Yuvraj – 47*

Aniket is back. Chahal drops a catch at the boundary and Hooda gets a SIX. Single to Hooda. Wide ball by Aniket, This is very bad Bowling by RCB. Another Wide ball. Boundary to Yuvraj. Fantastic 50 By Yuvi. Single to Yuvraj. 2 Runs to Hooda. Single to Hooda.

End of 18th Over SRH are 179/3 Hooda- 14* Yuvraj – 52*

Mills to Continue. Slaw ball by Mills and Single to Hooda. Superb Shot by Yuvraj. he gets a boundary. Slow ball by Mills But great Pull shot By Yuvraj. He smashes it for a 6. Yuvraj Singh is OUT. He is out Bowled.

Yuvraj Singh Bowled Mills for 62 of 27 Balls.

Ben Cutting is the next man in. Single to Cutting.

End of 19th Over SRH are 191/4 Hooda- 15* Cutting – 1*

Watson to bowl the final over. Single to Cutting. Single to Hooda. Cutting Smashes it for a 6. 2runs to Cutting. SRH reach 200. Cutting smashes it for a Six.

End of 20th Over SRH are 207/4 Hooda- 16* Cutting – 16*

End of the 1st Innings Poor bowling and fielding has cost RCB at least 20 runs. Fantastic batting by YUVRAJ and Henreques. Good finish By Cutting. Chahal was excellent for RCB. For RCB its a DE JA VU situation they need to get 208 to win. We will be back in 10 minutes.

Players are out in the Middle. Ashish Nehra TO start for SRH. Gayle on strike for RCB his partner for today is Mandeep Singh.

First Over

Gayle is off the Mark with a Single. Mandeep is off the mark with a couple. Superb Pull by Mandeep 1st Boundary for him. Another Boundary for Mandeep.

End of 1st Over RCB are 11/0 Gayle – 1 * Mandeep – 10*

Bhuvi to start from the other end. Gayle goes for a big booming drive on the off side as is Beaten. Single to Gayle. Excellent Bowling by Bhuvi. 3 dot balls.

End of 2nd Over RCB are 12/0 Gayle – 2 * Mandeep – 10*

Nehra to continue. Gayle is beaten. Gayle flicks it for a Boundary. Single to Gayle. Superb shot by Mandeep for a four. Single to Mandeep. First SIX of IPL 10 for Gayle.

End of 3rd Over RCB are 28/0 Gayle – 13 * Mandeep – 14*

Bhuvi to continue. Single to Mandeep. Six for Gayle. Superb Straight lofted Six. 2 runs to Gayle. Wide by Bhuvi. Good ball by Bhuvi. Single to Gayle. Boundary to Mandeep to end the over. 15 runs of that Bhuvi over.

End of 4th Over RCB are 43/0 Gayle – 22* Mandeep – 20*

Ben Cutting into the attack. He starts with a bouncer to Gayle. Swing and a miss by Gayle. That was in his slot. but he missed it. Good start by Cutting. He starts with 3 dot balls. Wide by Cutting. Another Swing and a miss. Excellent bowling by Cutting. Gayle is getting restless. Another Dot Ball. Boundary for Gayle to end the over. Good over that By Cutting.

End of 5th Over RCB are 48/0 Gayle – 26* Mandeep – 20*

Rashid Khan into the Attack. Boundary for Mandeep. 50 up for RCB. Mandeep singh is out bowled. Rashid Khan gets his 1st wicket in IPL.

Mandeep Singh Bowled Rashid Khan for 24 runs of 16 balls.

Travis Head is the next batsman in. He is off the mark with a Couple.

End of Power Play.

End of 6th Over RCB are 54/1 Gayle – 26* Head – 2*

Hooda into the attack. Huge……!! Six…!! Gayle has smashed this. Gayle is OUT trying to hit another six. Excellent bowling by Hooda. Warner takes a good catch.

Chris Gayle Ct Warner Bowled Hooda for 32 runs from 21 balls.

Kedar Jadhav is the new man in. Single to Head.

End of 7th Over RCB are 61/2 Kedar – 0* Head – 3*

Rashid Khan to Continue. Boundary to Head. 2 runs to Head. Single to head. Kedar is off the mark with a Single. Single to Head. Boundary to Kedar to end the over.

End of 8th Over RCB are 74/2 Kedar – 5* Head – 11*

Ben Cutting back into the attack. Single to Head. Wide by Cutting. Single to Kedar. Single to Head. Six to Kedar. Single to Kedar.

Strategic time out.

End of 9th Over RCB are 85/2 Kedar – 13* Head – 13*

Henreques comes into the attack. Starts with a No-Ball Kedar gets a Single. Free Hit coming up. Head smashes Free hit for a boundary. Single to Head. Single to Kedar. Dot ball. Single to Head. Boundary to end the over. Kedar gets Four.

End of 10th Over RCB are 98/2 Kedar – 19* Head – 19*

Nehra is Back. Single to head. Wide by Nehra. 100 up for RCB. Single to Kedar. Single to Head. Boundary to Kedar. Another Boundary to Kedar. Single to Kedar.

End of 11th Over RCB are 111/2 Kedar – 29* Head – 21*

Henreques to continue. Single to Kedar. Couple of runs to Head. Single to Head. Direct hit from the boundary by Ben cutting and Kedar is OUT. This is Disaster for RCB.

Kedar Jadhav runout Ben cutting for 31 runs out of 16 Balls.

Watson is the New batsman in. Single to Watson. Single to Head.

End of 12th Over RCB are 118/3  – Watson – 1* Head – 25*

Rahid Khan is Back. Single to Head. 2 Runs to Watson. Single to Watson. Boundary to Head. Heas is Out. Rashid Khan gets his 2nd Wicket.

Travis Head Ct Yuvraj bowled Rashid Khan 30 Runs of 22 balls.

Baby is the new Batsman in. Strategic time out.

End of 13th Over RCB are 126/4  – Watson – 4* Baby- 0*

Bipul Sharma is the new Bowler. Single to Baby. Single to Watson. Baby is OUT.

Sachin Baby Ct Henreques Bowled Bipul for 1 run of 3 balls

Binny is the new batsman in for RCB. Single to Watson. Single to Binny.

End of 14th Over RCB are 130/5  – Watson – 6* Binny- 1*

Rashid Khan to continue. Single to Binny. Single to Watson. Huge appeal for LBW but not out. Single to Binny. Six to Watson.

End of 15th Over RCB are 139/5  – Watson – 13* Binny- 3*

Cutting is Back. Six by Binny. Single to Binny. Superb Cover Drive by Watson. He gets a Boundary. Single to Watson.

End of 16th Over RCB are 151/5  – Watson – 18* Binny- 10*

Bhuvi is back. Single to Watson. Single to Binny. Single to Watson. Binny OUT.

Binny Ct Yuvraj Bowled Bhuvi for 10 runs in 11 balls

Sreenath Arvind is the new Batsman in.

End of 17th Over RCB are 154/6  – Watson – 20* – Aravind 0*

Nehra is into the Attack. 2 runs to Watson. Watson is OUT.

Shane Watson Ct Henreques Bowled Nehra for 22 runs of 17 balls. Arvind Out.

Sreenath Arvind Bowled Nehra 0 runs in 2 balls.

Chahal is the new man in.

End of 18th Over RCB are 156/8  – Mills – 0* – Chahal 0*

Bhuvi to continue. 1 Legby to RCB. Single to Chahal. Six to Mills. Mills is out.

Tymal Mills Ct Warner Boweled Bhuvi for 6 runs in 3 balls.

Aniketh is the last man in.

End of 19th Over RCB are 165/9  – Aniket- 0* – Chahal 2*

Ben Cutting to bowl the last over. Single to Chahal. Chahal is Runout.

Chahal Runout by Chris Jordan for 3 runs 

End of 20th Over RCB are 172/10  – Aniket- 6* – Chahal 3*

Sunrisers Hyderabad have won this match comfortably by 35 runs. RCB have failed to bat their 20 overs. RCB will have a lot of thinking to do. Congratulation to Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Yuvraj Singh is the Man of the Match.

Hope you have liked our Coverage as much as we have loved bringing it to you.