Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the latter tweeted saying he skipped Yoga and met his mother for breakfast.

Narendra Modi Vs Arvind Kejriwal
Narendra Modi Vs Arvind Kejriwal

Here is the tweet by PM Modi early in the morning.


As a response to PM Modi’s tweet, Kejriwal posted two tweets,

Translated as: I live with my mother, I take her blessings every day but not beating drums. I don’t make my mother stand in line for political gains.

Translated as: Hinduism and Indian culture says you should keep your old mother and wife with you. PM Accommodation is huge, make the heart a little bigger.


Hiraba, the 97-year-old mother of PM Modi stays with his brother Pankaj Modi on the outskirts of Gandhinagar (capital of Gujarat).

Narendra Modi and his mother, Hiraba
Narendra Modi and his mother, Hiraba, Image Courtesy:

PM Modi’s mother who rarely makes her public appearance was seen in one of the Gandhinagar banks. In fact, she came to deposit old bank notes post the Centre’s demonetisation move.

PM Modi met his mother last time in December 2016 that is when he came to inaugurate a string of projects in Gujarat.

All these must have made Arvind Kejriwal compose the tweets in response to Modi’s tweet.


PM Modi, had been to Gujarat to inaugurate an international exchange in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) and lay the foundation stone of the redevelopment of Gandhinagar railway station. He is expected to head back to Delhi by today.

With no doubt, Arvind Kejriwal is one of the most popular personalities on Twitter who is using the Twitter handle to point out faults and speak up against the Modi government.