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Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover the friendship the blooms and breaks too. These two gentlemen have always been in news. Both Mr. Sharma and Mr. Grover are exceptional talents and great comedians. Sometimes creative differences and some other times ego comes in the way. With such high talent and a lot of money at stake are these ugly fights just a publicity stunt to hike TRP’s.

Kapil Sharma Fight With Sunil Grover
follow SHOCKING Kapil Sharma Fight With Sunil Grover, Image Courtesy: Youtube.com

http://millbrookyoga.com/?p=648 The Story – What exactly Happend

Recently as per reports Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover got into an ugly fight on a flight. The duo were travelling together on a flight from Australia. Kapil Sharma apparently had beaten up Sunil Grover. Mr. Sharma also went onto claim that such fight keep happening between them and this is nothing new. However Sunil Grover this time seems to be very hurt. At first Kapil apologized to Sunil on Facebook. Now he has taken to twitter. Kapil wrote, “Paji @WhoSunilGrover sry if I hurt u unintentionally.u knw vry well how much I luv u. M also upset .love n regards always:)” It sounds as if he is pleading Sunil to forgive him.

Kapil Sharma’s Pledging apology to Sunil Grover to save THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW

According to reports Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma show. So is this tweet a last ditch attempt by Kapil Sharma to save his show. This how ever is not the first time these two have had differences. Previously after having creative differences Sunil grover had quit Comedy nights with Kapil. He then started his own show which did not do well at all. Then reconciliation happend between the two men and they were back together once again to spell the magic of their comedy. Most of all the audience love these two men for what they are. Is Kapil Sharma’s success getting the better of him. Is his EGO coming in the way of his success. Only time will tell where his friendship is heading.

To conclude we at UWeWorld sincerely wish that these two comedians keep their differences aside and stop these cheap TRP’s tricks. We hope they  focus on their work to give us better performances.