Hazaribagh Railway Station In Jharkhand Attacked With Two Blasts Rock And A Boy Lost His Hand!

Image Courtesy: http://hazaribag.wikimapia.org

Jharkhand Twin Blasts Rock

On Sunday night two blasts were heard from the railway station, following which chaos erupted in the nearby areas. A boy lost his right hand in the blast and is being treated in a hospital in Dhanbad. Panic and chaos ensued after two blasts took place late on Sunday night in Hazaribagh railway station of Jharkhand. 2 blasts were heard from the Hazaribagh railway station in Jharkhand, following which chaos erupted in the nearby areas.The station where the blast occurred, falls on the railway line which goes to Kolkata from Delhi via Gaya and Dhanbad. The police have launched an investigating into the matter.

According to an eyewitness, the explosive which caused the blast was in a bag which was lying on the station. However, the type of explosive used in the blast it is yet to be diagnosed.

It’s a very sad incident that had happened in Jharkhand, where an innocent boy had lost his hand and its such a shocking news to know.