LEAKED iPhone 8 features must make Apple’s 10th Anniversary perfect!!!

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8, Credits: BGR

In 2017, Apple is looking forward to release their next iPhone model – iPhone 8 is coming out of the anvil. To some, eight is an unlucky number, though. The speculation is on the high pitch – with entirely different, curved edge, wireless charging, aluminium/glass body, this model must be a destined hit.


The iPhone 7 launch had an unexpected snowballing effect. Their closest competitor Samsung’s misadventure with their Note 7 turned the table to Apple’s advantage.

Besides the alluring look and curvy edges, the battery of iPhone 8 would last a couple of hours more. IPhone 8 will also feature a curvy screen. Apple is even thinking of getting rid of the home button in iPhone 8 as well.

USPTO Image shows an iPhone Patent Apple applied in 2011
USPTO Image shows an iPhone Patent Apple applied in 2011, Credits: USPTO

The leaked information from Apple’s design facility in Herzliya, Israel shows radical changes. This will be a full glass body and edge-to-edge O-LED display. Apple will probably leave the integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera untouched. The size would be the existing universal standards 4.7 and 5.5-inch.


More surprsises are in the store with the launch during the tenth year anniversary. One good feature is that the display will have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and camera built directly on to the display. While there are rumors that the Home button will be eliminated.

Would it be like a single sheet of glass? Too early to say whether all will be fulfilled. The flexible O-LED will be less power hungry. The body will be all glass instead of aluminium, which is also not too sure. In Fact, a glass embedded Aluminium or steel body is expected.

Concept image of iPhone 8
Concept image of iPhone 8, Credits: Highsnobiety

Faster 10-Nanometer A11 with long-range wireless charging and Bio-metric additions like iris or facial scanning will indeed power the 2017 iPhone model.

In the past, Apple has thrown out many of the speculations. Hence, you may have to wait till the fall of 2017 to be sure of the actual product.

We are eager to know your personal expectations of iPhone 8 in the Comment Section below.