Camera of the latest iPhone is a completely new one!!!

iPhone 7 Camera
iPhone 7 Camera, Credits: Apple

The camera of the new model of the iPhone is not like some camera which you will find in all the smartphones. The new camera is now a completely advanced with lot of additional features.

A brief note of the various modern properties featured in the newer version of the iPhone are provided below.


Optical Image Stabilization

iPhone 7 features a Optical Image Stabilization lens which comes along with its camera. This lens help in reducing the blurriness caused as a result of motion or shaking the hands while capturing an image. Hence, this lens counteract even a slightest of movements. This, thereby, allows for up to 3 times longer exposure when compared to iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 Camera - Optical Image Stabilization
iPhone 7 Camera – Optical Image Stabilization, Credits: Apple

f/1.8 Aperture

Aperture is the variable hole through which light passes in a camera. iPhone 7 camera has a larger aperture. This allows up to 50 percent more light to pass through onto the sensor than iPhone 6s. Hence, this allows you to take great quality photos even in places with out enough light.

In addition, with the new six-element lens, you can produce detailed and brighter shots.

Six Element Lens
Six Element Lens, Credits: Apple

Quad-LED True Tone Flash

The flash comes with four smart LEDs. As a result of this powerful LEDs, 50 percent brighter images are produced than the iPhone 6s. This flash apart from producing more brighter images, also adjust to the color and temperature of the environment. This results in more sharper and perfectly lit photos because of the intelligent flash work.

Video Enhancements

With a powerful camera equipped featuring the above mentioned additions, the video shot even in darker environments comes out amazingly better. The 12 mega pixel camera also captures video of high resolution up to 4K with over 8 million pixels. You even get to see the memorable moments last longer with the slo-mo support. iPhone 7 offers slow-mo support in 1080p and 720p HD. You may also create a time lapse video by capturing the video at selected intervals.

Here is the video captured in iPhone 7 which features in the official Apple website.

iPhone 7 4K Footage, Credits: Apple

FaceTime HD Camera

Not just higher resolution, but the Facetime HD Camera can also use wide color capture. Consequently, the result is a sharper and more vibrant selfie. In low lit atmosphere, the retina flash perfectly matches the ambient lighting to produce a natural looking skin toned photo.

Perfect Selfie
Perfect Selfie, Credits: Apple

Smart Image Signal Processor

A10 fusion chip is powered with the improved Apple designed Image Signal Processor. As a photo or video is taken, the ISP initiates over 100 billion operations coupled with machine learning to help make your efforts look excellent. Other improvements include faster focus and improved local tone mapping and white balance.

Smart Image Signal Processing
Smart Image Signal Processing, Credits: Apple


Dual Camera System

iPhone 7 plus camera system is an entirely new system. It features a dual camera system. It features the same 12 MP wide angle one which is found in an iPhone 7 and a 12 MP telephoto one. This helps in getting even closer shots as it provides the ability of higher and quality zoom. Infact, you can shoot at up to 10x for photos and 6x for video.

iPhone 7 Plus - Dual Camera System
iPhone 7 Plus – Dual Camera System, Credits: Apple

Depth of Field Effect

Depth of Field effect also called as the Bokeh effect helps you produce sharp portraits with blurred backgrounds. This is achieved as a result of the using the dual camera system and advanced machine learning.

Depth of Field Effect
Depth of Field Effect, Credits: aSmithlord Photography

In order to learn about the general features of the new model of the iPhone, Follow this link – New model of iPhone.