Apples’s Original iPhone 2G is now costlier than iPhone 7!!!

The Original iPhone
The Original iPhone, Credits: The Daily Dot

‘Old is gold’ – they say. The first iPhone, in which Steve Jobs put his complete stakes is back in the limelight after a solid gap of 8 years. YES, this is true; iPhone 2G is outsmarting the new iPhone 7. If you have an old iPhone with the full charging connector than the existing lighting connector, then you may be lucky since you may be able to buy more than an iPhone 7.

Original iPhone vs iPhone 7
Original iPhone vs iPhone 7, Credits: Youtube/Canoopsy


Ebay – the E-commerce giant is encouraging you to spring clean your inventory or search the attics for the abandoned iPhone 2G. They promise anywhere between £800 and £19,000 ($1,000 and $8,500).

Here are screenshots of some of the listings:

iPhone 2G iPhone 2G

iPhone 2G

The Original iPhone 2G Sales, Credits:

Has the antique, classic or vintage classification come to mobile phone much earlier before decades? Looks like YES, especially in the case of iPhone 2G. Incidentally, iPhone new models are surpassed the sales record with their releases.

Below is the statistics of Quarterly sales as reported by Apple since their first official iPhone release.

Global iPhone Sales
Global iPhone Sales, Credits: Statista

The fancy, as well as utility protection gadgets for iPhone, came up a bit late, leaving the sturdy original iPhone without a crack or a dent hard to be found. In fact, the cost offered goes up if you can offer the old 1st generation iPhone in the original packing.


Think it is worth scratching your hair for the new craze for the iPhone which went out of the market in July 2008? Strangely it did not have an iOS tag, as Apple started putting that tag only later. Now the iPhone 5 is going for a song too. Apple is also trying to push the refurbished phone market.

So do you wish to take a calculated risk of waiting a bit longer, say the 10th anniversary in 2018 to dispose of the precious possession you have now???

Let us know your views in the Comment Section below if it will worth the wait.