Why residents of Bengaluru are against India’s longest flyover in making?

People holding 'NO' Placards
People holding 'NO' Placards, Credits: The New Indian Express

Residents in Bengaluru, numbering over 4000, have shown their nerves of steel against the proposed 67.7 Km steel flyover. On Sunday (October-17, 2016), they formed a human chain from buy provigil us Basaveshwara see Circle to follow url Mekhri Circle to showcase their protest. But the Congress ministry led by Chief Minister – Siddaramaiah is not likely to budge to the Gandhian way protest.


Human Chain formation against the longest Flyover to be constructed in Bengaluru
Human Chain formation against the longest Flyover to be constructed in Bengaluru, Credits: The New Indian Express


The proposed flyover which will be the longest in India, would cut short the journey time to and fro airport drastically.

The sound and clear message which the ruling government has to convey is to,

Forget about the chopping off 812 trees in this garden city, Forget about the environmental pollution, and Forget about the aesthetics of the already damaged Bengaluru.

Their only strong reason is that the flyover will mitigate traffic jams to a greater extent. Truly Insane!!!


On the other hand, the agitators say that this massive Rs 1791 crore project will not solve any purpose.

In fact, the Indian silicon valley would better of with 3600 km of a quality footpath or 9000 buses or 40 lakhs bicycles or 200 km of suburban rail that commutes 15 lakh passengers every day. All opposition parties has also joined hands in this agitation.


The three hours long protest, thus exposed the lack of clarity of the project. Indeed, Protestors’ T-shirts with inscription ‘No’ and ‘Beda’ (meaning ‘No’ in Kannada) stole the show.

As a matter of fact, The protesters were not just supporting the cause blindly. They were, in fact, very clear in their terms.

This is not steel vs. concrete, but about sensibility, about grace vs. ugliness and about being ourselves and not losing it.

It looks like there is something fishy about the speed and secrecy at which this project is going ahead. In contrast, No public hearings took place which is mandatory in these situations. Of course, as usual, there would be siphoning, greasing of palms, and murky dealings if this project is allowed to carry on. Pity those who will be affected if the project is stalled as well.

Here is the Video showing the support of the people against the flyover:

Credits: Facebook/Nagesh Kamath

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