Are You Ready for the Luxurious Ride??? Welcome to the Wealthiest Village of China!!!


We might have come across the world’s most expensive or wealthiest cities.

But have you ever heard if we say about a village where every resident is a millionaire? It may be difficult to believe, but it’s damn true!!!


YES, there is a village named Huaxi, located in the Jiangsu province of China. Amazingly, each and every resident staying in this place is a millionaire.

Huaxi is the richest village of china. It was founded by local Communist Party secretary Wu Renbao in 1951. Its total population is 2000, where all the citizens have Rs 85 lakhs each deposited in their bank accounts. Not only money, they will also get a luxurious car with a lavishing bungalow.

Richest Village of China - Huaxi Village
Richest Village of China – Huaxi Village, Image Courtesy:


If anyone desires to become a resident of this village, they must first hold the job in any of the firms present there. As soon as a person gets the job in the village his luxurious life begins. As the person becomes the resident of this village, they will be provided with car and bungalow.

However, here is a deal! If a person residing in Huaxi plans to leave the village, then they will lose all the richness and turns poor.

Huaxi - The richest Village of China
Huaxi – The richest Village of China, Image Courtesy: Business Insider

People working the village will earn more than Rs 10 lakhs salary per annum while the bonus given is manifold in comparison to the salary.


The village’s total square area is a little less than one square kilometre. There are barrack-style dormitories, factories and pagoda style buildings for local residents. The village looks similar to Dubai with respect to its luxuriousness.

Huaxi, Jiangsu Province, China
Huaxi, Jiangsu Province, China, Image Courtesy: Huffington Post Greece

Huaxi is one of the fast growing and a highly successful village which yields millions of annual income per year. The major reason behind this growth is due to its flourishing steel production, textile and clothing business.


Huaxi facilitates each and everything that you get in the current modern era. The International Luxury Long Wish Hotel here has more than 826 rooms. Out of these 826 rooms, more than 16 are Presidential suites. It has one Gold Presidential suite which costs around Rs 10 lakhs per night.

Long Wish Hotel International
Long Wish Hotel International, Image Courtesy: South China Morning Post

One can also find a precious Statue of Cow made of pure gold on the 60th floor of Huaxi’s tallest building.

Statue of the Golden Cow
Statue of the Golden Cow, Image Courtesy: Languish

Every year numerous tourists come to see the wealth and beauty of this village.

However, a fascinating stuff which attracts tourists is its skyscraper which looks tall and strangely incongruous. This skyscraper has 72 storeys and it is named as Hanging Village of Huaxi. It is 328 meters tall which is 4 meters more than Eiffel Tower, 9 meters taller than the famous Chrysler building in New York and 18 meters taller than The Shard in Central London.

The Village of Huaxi
The Village of Huaxi, Image Courtesy: U4UVoice

The Chinese government claims this village as their development symbol. In contrast, few people declare it as propaganda of the government.


The residents of Huaxi village can encash only 30% of their salary. Other benefits are given in the form of stocks which can’t be converted into cash again. The majority of resident’s properties are under the control of the administration. If any citizen happens to leave the village, they will lose their right over it.

In fact, Huaxi is termed as a mysterious village as Press and media are not allowed to enter here without permission.

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Featured Video Courtesy: YouTube/The Guardian