An IAS Officer received a resignation letter from his Female colleague, The Reason is shocking!!!

Kashmiri IAS Officer - Shah Faesal posted in Facebook about his female colleague's resignation letter. Facebook users were enraged after knowing the reason.

Shah Faesal posted about the resignation letter of his female colleague on his Facebook Timeline
Shah Faesal posted about the resignation letter of his female colleague on his Facebook Timeline

There were days where you see a woman treated awfully by a man. They were devoid of education and hence rendered unemployed. Even if employed, they were offered low wages and sometimes unpaid.

However, social status of women has opened up eventually. And currently, they are free enough to take decision about their own life which includes education and job. Even though women are provided with work opportunities, domestic violence and unequal expectations at home has not yet decreased.

Here’s one such case which happened in Kashmir.


Shah Faesal, IAS officer from Kashmir, shared a resignation story of his female colleague on his Facebook Timeline.

Shah Faesal
Shah Faesal, Image Courtesy: The LallanTop

In a Facebook post he posted, he depicts how he received a resignation letter from one of his female officials, without mentioning appropriate reason for leaving her job.

He was quite shocked upon receiving the letter, which he referred in his post as well.

In an age of job crunch someone quitting a government job came as a big surprise to me.


Later, the letter went from one bureaucrat to the other, to get approved from other officials. Finally, it came back to Shah to carry out further investigations. In the event of conducting a series of investigations, Shah was shocked to know that the resignation letter was not sent by the women. Instead, it was sent by her husband who had an inferiority complex on her.

By then, the Woman had got to know about the resignation letter sent by his husband to Shah. Soon after which, she rushed to Shah’s office. She snatched the file with resignation letter (sent by his Husband) and the approval of the same by the six levels of bureaucratic value chain. She then tore it into pieces and trampled upon it.


Here is the Facebook post by Shah Faesal posted on his timeline.


Facebook users upon seeing the post by Shah were enraged and commented their views. Here are few of them:


Women make up a vital part of the economic and social system which upholds our community together. Inspite of that, her efforts are rarely valued and appreciated.

Let us give way for everyone irrespective of the gender to showcase their skills.

It’s not gender that matters!!!

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