Former phone manufacturing giant – Blackberry gasping for breath!!!

Blackberry Logo
Blackberry Logo, Credits: 9To5Mac


US President Obama was an addict to Blackberry phones. He wanted to carry it along with him to the White House, but the security guards put their foot down.  For safety and security reasons Blackberry phones could not be allowed inside the White House.

U.S. President Obama holds up his BlackBerry device
U.S. President Obama holds up his BlackBerry device, Credits: IBTimes

That was then, now nobody wants to own, carry or even boast of a Blackberry. The once status symbol of youths and old alike, Blackberry is shutting down their manufacturing activities- exactly after ten years and ten days after their first announcement of a two way talking device.


The company, Research in Motion (RIM), plans to outsource all developments to partners. They, at last, realized that it is futile to compete with Apple iPhones and Samsung. Blackberry CEO, John Chen, announced “

The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners

Blackberry CEO - John S. Chen
Blackberry CEO – John S. Chen, Credits: Berry Reporter

In fact the rejigging of the manufacturing activities may help them to breathe a bit financially.

On speaking on the failure of Microsoft in the phone market, Sathya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, confessed that ‘they could not look beyond the windows’. He was referring to the influx of smartphones where Microsoft failed wholesale. Blackberry too could not foresee the smartphone revolution and continued with their keyboard affixed small screen phones. Even they were so proud of their unbreakable source code which invited wrath from Governments and Interpol.


As of now, Blackberry will concentrate on software developments. And they are following the bandwagon of the phone manufacturer giants in the like of Nokia and Motorola. There were times when the operating system of Blackberry was considered in par with iOS and Android. At the peak of their performance in September 2013, they had a mammoth 85 million subscribers worldwide.

Blackberry is a hybrid edible fruit. Obama can start using his Blackberry for three months or so as he is demitting offices. But would he get an opportunity to taste the fruit again?

Let us know your views on the hard run of Blackberry!!!