Last year’s board examinations were the one to forget for educational authorities in Bihar. The examination saw parents climbing walls of the schools to help their children cheat and clear the exams.

This year, it is very different and very special in Bihar. The authorities have tightened up the security and they allow students to enter the exam hall only after strict physical searches. Moreover, CCTV cameras are also installed to keep an eye on students and ensure that the exams go in an ethical way.

Yes, it is different, but why is this year’s examination special for Bihar? It’s because of a girl named getting high off Methocarbamol Ankita Kumari.

ANKITA KUMARI Ankita Kumari is from Baniapur Village in Saran district, Bihar. She is also attending her Grade 10 examinations conducted by Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) this year.

Ankita contracted the Infantile Paralysis commonly known as Polio at the age of 5. The virus spread to her hands and hence she cannot move her hands properly. It even affected her ability to speak.

However, Ankita realised crystal clearly that the only thing standing between her and her goals is her willpower. Therefore, she never thought that she is weak inside. She attended school, continued her studies and practised herself to write using her legs.

Ankita Kumari writing with her feet
Ankita Kumari writing with her feet, Image Courtesy: GulfNews

For the examination, Ankita’s grandmother accompanies her to the examination centre (Gandhi High School). She sits down on the carpet. She then grips her pen between her toes and starts answering the questions. Surprised invigilator admires her efforts and predicted that “Her future is very bright and she will get a good job one day”. Ankita is truly an inspiration to many.



– Mahatma Gandhi