Most Awaited Bitmain’s AntMiner D3 Performance and Review



The most awaited miner Bitmain’s AntMiner D3 is out in the market. The user’s who had pre booked this miner in the First Batch have received their machines. They also have come out with reviews which are highly positive, exciting and encouraging. The AntMiner D3 was introduced in the market to mine cryptocurrencies with X11 Algorithms. It was slated to mine at 15000 MH/s and use 1200 watts of power.

The AntMiner D3 Specifications

The AntMiner D3 uses 180 X11 ASIC chip set. This chip set is know for its ability to give high output using less power. This has made the AntMiner D3 the most awaited miner in the cryptocurrency mining market. The miner weighs about 5.5Kg. It also has dual exhaust fans and uses a power of 1200 W. The AntMiner D3 has 3 boards with 60 chips per board. Bitmain Recomends its users to use the APW3++ 1600watt power supply. The APW3++ can produce a maximum of 1200 watt when connected to 110 V mains power supply. However it can produce 1600 watt when connected to a 220-240 V power supply.


AntMiner D3 with APW3++ Power Supply

The AntMiner D3 Review

To everybody’s surprise this miner is performing much better than what was promised by the company. This miner is using only about 950 watts of power and the output is much higher at 17500 MH/s. Initially this machine was slated to mine cryptocurrencies worth about $200 a day. However with the increasing difficulty level this miner is producing about $125 a day. This will further reduce with increasing difficulty levels. People who have purchased this miner in the first batch of its release will be reaping the rewards for their higher investment. Initially this miner was priced at $2699/piece. The 2nd batch (1500/piece) and subsequent batches the cost of the miner was reduced by Bitmain to $1450/piece. This Miner is presently the best in the market for mining X11 Algorithm coins.