UWeWorld is an intellectual property of UNITEC, Bangalore, India. The Website was started by  – Janaradhan Singh. B. S.

According to us,

The Company was started with an aim to bring important news and happenings around the world to the Audience at one place in the form of UWeWorld“.


Quality articles in the right place at the right time will surely be appreciated by audience in the right way. The mission of UWeWorld is exactly the same.

We, at UWeWorld, strive to bring the right information after research to our audience in the quickest of time possible. This, in turn, will surely help them to know the facts of the event at ease.


As Tony Robbins quoted,

Setting the Goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the Visible.

Each and every plan for the day of ours is Goal Oriented. The Goal is to provide the audience authentic information which is true in all aspects. This is sure to make our audience more entertaining and knowledgeable.